Matt Urban Memorial Committee

Fellow Americans and International Friends, December 7, 2013

The Matt Urban Memorial Committee asks for your support in getting the name of Lieutenant Colonel Matt Urban added to the list of “notable grave sites” at Arlington National Cemetery. The list is provided to Arlington visitors so they may easily locate the gravesite of this American Hero and learn about his remarkable combat service for our country.

LTC Matt Urban, a recipient of the Medal of Honor, is recognized at Arlington as “the World War II infantry officer who has earned the distinction of being the most decorated combat soldier of WWII”. An Arlington Committee is currently in the process of revising their list of “notable” graves, so now is an opportune time to accomplish this mission. LTC Matt Urban is high on the Committee’s list to be added so your timely support is very important and very much appreciated.

Please help by sending an email or letter of support to the History Office at Arlington National Cemetery. Their staff will confirm receipt of your email, consolidate them with similar emails of support and then forward them to the committee which is reviewing all candidates for the “notable graves list”. There are three options for contacting the History Office at Arlington National Cemetery.

Option 1

Your comments will be sent as an e-mail directly to the History Office at Arlington National Cemetery. A suggested message, which can be modified or personalized, is included below.

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Option 2

Click here for direct e-mail contact to the History Office at Arlington National Cemetery.  Please include your personal message with your name and affiliation (if any).

Option 3

Letters may be sent to: Historian — ANC Operations Arlington National Cemetery Arlington VA, 22211

There will be a commemoration ceremony for LTC Matt Urban at 9:30 am near his grave in section 7A of Arlington National Cemetery on August 23, 2014. Your attendance is welcome. Please share this information with your friends and colleagues for their consideration of support. Thank you — The Matt Urban Memorial Committee

Major General (ret) Marvin G. Back (Co-chairman) Colonel (ret) Chester Szczotka (Co-chairman)

Additional information on LTC Matt Urban may be found at these sites:

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